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H1Z1 Z.png We are currently updating pages for the Badwater Canyon map. This update, when pushed onto live servers will see a lot of items and mechanics added, changed, or removed. Due to these changes, you may or may not be able to find pages written for the Pleasant Valley map.

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H1Z1 is a two-part set of massive multiplayer online games developed by Daybreak Game Company using the well known “forgelight” engine also used in Planetside 2. It is split into two separate titles; "Just Survive", which is an open world survival based game. And "King Of The Kill", which is a massive battle royale between individual players or teams.

Just Survive and King Of The Kill both utilize the same map that is located in “Anywhere, USA”, a large open world with lots of terrain and structures to build and fight on.

In Just Survive, players are put into a world that is inhabited by a variety of animals and zombies. Your survival will be determined by your skills to stay alive, craft a shelter or base, start a fire before nightfall and gather resources like food and water, food and water could be the most vital supplies you can possess.

In King Of The Kill, players are dropped into a world where they must gather weapons and armor as quickly as possible then survive firefights and a wall of toxic gas that encroaches quickly, killing anyone that is too slow.

H1Z1 was originally released on Steam Early Access on January 15th, 2015

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