Pleasant Valley

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Pleasant Valley is the largest town, and is in the northwestern part of the map. It lies northwest of Humperdink Gorge, and northeast of Bumjick Farms.

There are two roads that go through Pleasant Valley. The road that crosses the town from north to south is Main Street, and the road that crosses the town from the east is Avram Highway.

Pleasant Valley has around sixty commercial buildings, fourteen industrial buildings, eighty-two residential buildings, a campsite, and two wells. The town also has a church, a police station, and a fire station, and six car spawns spread across the town. A map board can be found at the northern and eastern entrances of the town. A loot cache can be found in the cave near the church, and inside Long Johnstons Steakhouse.

Pleasant Valley is a common target for many fresh spawns and geared players alike, since it has a large Police Station, a great amount of buildings and is near a few frequent spawn areas.

Pleasant Valley, like it's neighboring towns, has been destroyed by the h1z1 virus. Due to it's large population, the virus quickly spread through it and turned it's residents into zombies. The result was absolute chaos. The supermarket was quickly looted by desperate civilians. The Pleasant Valley Police Department was overwhelmed by the large numbers of infected. In the end, the United States Army tried to quarantine the town but failed.